Thanks for being the best bookkeeper in the world!

Carol Dadds - Sunshine Barossa

Thankyou very much Anita, I hope you realise how much we appreciate not only your extra effort at this time of year, but all that you do for us and have done for us since we started.  You truly are a gem and I’m so glad we have you on our side.

Shaie Cleary - Cleary Plumbing Pty Ltd

Thank you so much Anita.  It has been wonderful to have you as our Bookkeeper.  I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for us in our business, you were always there when I needed to ask those silly questions and made my job a lot easier, so for that I thank you.

Leanne Brown - Williamstown Hotel

We’ve been using Eagle Eye for over 4 years and they are amazing – we don’t know what we’d do without them.  Anita looks at your business and suggests software and solutions that would suit your needs best, with her suggestions always saving us time and money.  They can do as little or as much as you need – they can review the work we’ve done, and submit  ATO reporting.  They also manage everything for other clients though, so if you’re after someone to take it all off of your plate that’s an option too.

Donna Stuart - ACM Fitouts and Maintenance

This is amazing…. you’re worth your weight and more in gold!

Abby Osborne - El Estanco

Many thanks for all your help this year, it has been very much appreciated and you’re a gem to work with.

Mary Kelly - Mojo Constructions Pty Ltd

We are celebrating our first year of business today! We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your service to us. Over the year, you have provided us amazing customer service and you really are a major reason we are doing so well! You have been a bit of life saver, thank you for approaching us with your advice all those months ago! We are grateful for your support and we look forward to working with you for years to come, and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to us.

Tamara & Matilda - Aster & Ivy

Thanks for doing good work I appreciate the effort you put in

Howard - Roo's Electrical Pty Ltd

G’day Anita, In this busy life I often forget to tell people they are doing a great job so I thought I would tell you!  Thanks for all your great work for us Anita.  Have an awesome week.

Brian Conway - Izway Wines

SO good to know you Anita!  Thank you

Jan Angas - Hutton Vale Farm

For the past 12 months Anita has been providing various services to my business. She is responsible for all bookkeeping aspects, BAS, MYOB support etc.  She has provided the business with solutions and systems to make it easier to sell wine and track where the business is at and where it is headed. She will always take a phone call and provide hands on training and support when needed. Knowing that Anita is diligent and thorough in her work gives me the peace of mind I need to focus on the aspects of the business I need to.

Jason Schwarz - Schwarz Wine Company

Hi Anita, I had a meeting with our accountant last week and she was so impressed with my work in MYOB.  You are my secret weapon!  Thanks so much Anita for your work with me.

Teresa Grigoriou - Barossa Trading & Bottling, Portia Valley Wines

A typical scenario of bridging the gap between you and your accountant

"I would like to talk to you regarding the services that you offer. I have an accountant at the moment and while I am reasonably happy, I just feel as though I am poorly informed on the financial workings of my business. Could I give you a call to see if you think you may be able to help?"


I provide periodical BAS and bookkeeping assistance to the admin staff. This includes a site visit, management and/or cashflow reports and a short meeting with the business owner to discuss the figures. The business owner now understands his business and can plan for the future.